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London Vocational College IAG Policy Statement

We Aim To:
  • Maximise learner’s chances of success by choosing the most appropriate options in learning and at work to suit their needs.
  • Support learners during their learning/training with specialist advice and guidance in all aspects of learning and work.
  • Help learners to progress in learning and at work by developing their ability to learn, develop transferable skills and gain new qualifications.
  • Help learners to develop lifelong career management skills to assist them in making choices now and in the future.
  • Meet the needs of employers by providing information and advice related to business training needs.
  • Promote and support equality of opportunity by provision of services to meet the needs of all, regardless of ability, age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.
We Offer:
  • Clear, comprehensive current and accurate information to learners and clients and potential learners and clients on the range of provision, personal and learning support available, qualification pathways and the availability of learning and employment opportunities,
  • Advice to learners and potential learners on the most appropriate course/programme of study in order to achieve desired career goals,
  • Advice to employers on the most appropriate education and training for their employees,
  • General guidance on career development for individual learners with referral to specialist advisers for specific guidance.
We Will:
  • Maintain and publicise up to date information on all of our course programmes and support services.
  • Maintain and provide access to up to date, relevant careers resources for learners.
  • Use trained and experienced staff to provide personal advice.
  • Respond to all enquiries promptly, within 5 working days as a maximum.
  • Refer learners/clients to other learning providers and specialist organisations if we are not able to meet a learner’s needs in full.
  • Offer our services in accordance with national guidelines and standards in information, advice and guidance.
As a customer you can expect us to:
  • Work with you to develop provision that meets your requirements.
  • Make information on our learning programmes and training opportunities widely available, (and accessible in alternative formats), through course information leaflets, adverts, phone contacts, promotional visits and via our web site.
  • Take all reasonable steps to make services accessible to everyone, including people with special requirements related to disability.
  • Provide a friendly and courteous welcome from our staff providing a named contact for any queries.
  • Deal promptly and professionally with enquiries, responding within 48 hours of receipt and where possible presenting proposals within a maximum of five days.
  • Provide accurate information and impartial advice on courses provided, including course aims/objectives, assessment, costs, entry qualifications (if applicable) and progression options.
  • Refer you to other local providers or the National Learning Advice Helpline staff who will suggest other options, should we not have provision to meet your needs.
  • Deliver our programmes using suitably trained, qualified and experienced staff.
  • Provide and maintain a confidential, impartial and objective information and advice service which complies with Data Protection requirements.
  • Demonstrate London Vocational College commitment to the aim of offering equality of opportunity to all, regardless of age, ethnic origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, background or religion.
  • Provide interactive sessions, with opportunities for questions, clarification and discussion of good practice.
  • Respond to any complaints about our service or our provision within 5 working days, in line with our published complaints procedure.
  • Act upon feedback from our customers to ensure that we continuously improve our services and programmes.
We will provide:
  • A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis to assist employers with identifying training requirements.
  • Matrix accredited, impartial Information, Advice and Guidance services for employers and their staff to support career progression, change management or company re-structuring.
  • Advice from experienced staff, working in partnership with employers, to establish requirements and tailor provision to employer needs and operations, wherever feasible.
  • Written confirmation of any agreed costs or requirements.
  • Written confirmation of agreed arrangements for training provision, confirmed in writing within 5 working days, or as otherwise agreed with employers.
  • Appropriate handouts and workbooks for learners.
  • Regular opportunities to feedback on the effectiveness and impact of provision through questionnaires and telephone follow-up activity.
  • A six monthly review session, as a minimum, to ensure that appropriate provision is offered/developed to suit employer/employee requirements.
Customer Satisfaction
London Vocational College has a benchmark for Customer Satisfaction of a minimum performance level of 95% and a stretch target of 96%.
Information – data on learning and work opportunities via printed material, audio-visual materials or computer software; assessors and help lines such as Learn Direct.
Advice – helping learners and clients with the interpretation of information and with meeting needs already clearly understood; may include signposting to a guidance interview for an in-depth response.
Guidance – an in-depth interview or other client activity with a trained advisor to explore a range of options, relate information to own circumstances and make career decisions.
LONDON VOCATIONAL COLLEGE delivers “Embedded IAG” as opposed to ‘Discrete IAG’ (which is funded as a specific stand-alone element).
European Union Social Fund
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