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Grounds for appeal

Assessment decisions for all courses are based on criteria published by the awarding bodies. You should be given a copy of the assessment criteria (standards) at the start of the course as part of your Induction. As a candidate you have the right to appeal against any assessment decision if you believe that the decision is unfair or unreasonable.


Stage 1: Informal Appeal

1.1  If you are unhappy with an assessment decision you should always discuss it first with your assessor. You should be prepared to explain why you think you have met the required assessment criteria, and you should be prepared to listen to your assessor’s reasons.

1.2  In exceptional circumstances, if you feel very unhappy about discussing the issue with your assessor. You should contact the Director of Operations (centre contact) on 0208 617 0065.

1.3  If you are still unhappy with the assessment decision, you may then proceed to stage 2, the formal written appeal.

Stage 2: Formal Written Appeal

2.1  If you decide to make a formal appeal, you must fill in an appeal form within 10 working days of getting the original assessment decision. You can get an appeal form from your assessor or by contacting the exams team on 0208 617 0065.

2.2  The written appeal will be sent to the Internal Verifier responsible for the course.

2.3 The Internal Verifier will discuss the issue with the assessor concerned, evaluate the evidence, where required will discuss the evidence with you and give a judgement. The Internal Verifier will notify you of the decision, and the reasons for the decision, in writing and will give a copy to the Assessor.

Stage 3: Appeals Panel

3.1  If you are still unhappy after the Internal Verifier’s decision, you may make a final appeal to the registered third party.

3.2  The registered third party will consider the evidence and give a judgement. Their decision will be final and binding. You will be notified in writing of the decision, and the reasons for the decision.

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